Monday Sucks

I’ll be honest, I’ve had an entire blog post written and waiting to be published explaining why we decided to buy a camper instead of real estate. It literally just needs pictures of us and our new camper except we are currently camperless and wondering what in the hell happened over the last week.

We had the camper picked out. We were supposed to go do the deal a week ago but then we accidentally found one that might work better and I found myself in Selma on a Tuesday morning by myself making sure it passed the initial stinky test. Turns our used campers smell so first things first we have to make sure it passes the stinky test.

Long story short, we provided Crestivew RV Superstore in Selma (NOT THE SAME AS THE ONE IN BUDA OR GEORGETOWN FOR THE RECORD) with a credit card number for a deposit on the trailer (it passed the stinky test) and then they sold it out from underneath us anyway. My guess is the now owners of the camper didn’t notice all the rust and paid more than they should have and Crestview decided they’d rather make a few extra dollars than stand by deal they already entered into. We’re bitter. Like really bitter and I’m like “Do they not know who I am?” Because really I’ve spent the last year of my life teaching CalAtlantic Homes a lesson they’ll never forget and Crestview is obviously up for learning the hard way as well.

But as bitter as we are, everything happens for a reason, right? The sucky part is that reason isn’t always immediately visible. It might take a week or a month or more for us to see the path we’ve been led down and appreciate it for what it is. In the meantime we sit in another cruel test of my patience. As if the last two years of home building / owner of a new cookie cutter home wasn’t proof enough I have incredible patience. And let’s not forget I’m the mother of a 2 and 5 year old. Seriously, what in the world do I have to prove? If you thought Jo was my middle name you were wrong because obviously it’s Patience. Seriously.

So what now? I guess I’ll just move on, clean up all the dead ants in my house because Monday obviously thought it would be fun to add insult to injury, and pray Tuesday doesn’t suck. Thanks Monday. I have nothing nice to say to you.

Bring it Tuesday.