Welcome Sweet Juniper: A Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session

Newborn sessions are quickly becoming my summertime favorite.  That Texas heat is creeping in and I love a good excuse for an in home session.  Plus home is that place where you just get to be you.  Everything the camera sees is a reflection of you and the stage of life you're currently in.  

Have you ever considered an in home session?

The focus is still capturing connections, but there is such an ease to in home sessions and it really allows my clients to just be calm and comfortable in the moment.  There is generally less worry about the behavior of little ones and everyone just gets to be in their element and connecting with each other in an effortless and very real way.  It makes me happy just thinking about it.

I still guide my clients.  It's not a free for all, but I make it as fluid as possible and we roll with the punches when they come. 

You get a gallery that is 100% you and unlike anyone elses.  Believe me, your unique moments are so much better than recreating something that's not genuine.  

Take Sweet Juniper for example.  Mom and Dad came into the session with zero expectations of what exactly they wanted.  They were just happy someone was there to spend some time with them documenting this special time.  The result: Some really beautiful moments that nobody had to fake and one happy, happy, happy photographer.  

What I would give to go back and have moments like this captured with my family.  These make me so happy.








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