DIY Body Wash

So I'm slowly making an effort to rid my house of harmful chemicals.  I mean it's a really slow process and there are probably some chemicals I'll never get rid of, but I'm kind of considering any decrease in chemicals a win at this point.

I started this journey with switching shampoos from grocery store shampoos to using Monat hair products.  Next was jumping on board with the Thieves line from Young Living and then I thought why not make my own body wash.  Buying body was without harmful chemicals is expensive.  

I hopped on pinterest and looked at all the ways I could make my own body wash and then kind of just took what I found there and put some things together.  So far I like the results (aside from I haven't really found my perfect essential oil or combo of oils for my perfect scent).  This combo leaves my skin feeling clean, but never dry and going back to grocery store body wash seems unlikely at this point.


So what do you need to make that this happen?

I use Dr. Bronner's Unscented Pure-Castile Soap, Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerine, Jason Vitamin E Oil, Naissance Sweet Almond Oil, and whatever essential oil I'm in the mood for.  All of this (aside from the essential oil) can be found in My Amazon Favorites.


Other things you'll need are a measuring cup, measuring spoons, and something to put your body wash in.  I use these cute little amber plastic pump bottles that come with adorable labels and a paint pen.  I know using plastic is frowned upon in the natural world and glass is better, but the reality is if I put glass in my shower, I guarantee it's broke in a week.  The cute plastic amber bottles are also in My Amazon Favorites


So first things first, start with Castile Soap.  I chose Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Hemp Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Soap because it has less ingredients than other castile soaps I came across.  Even if you look at the other Dr. Bronner's Castile Soaps, you'll find this one has less.  Other versions sound nice, but include things like extracts that this one doesn't have.  It's probably not the end of the world to choose one of those other options, but I went with this one because it was unscented and had the least amount of ingredients.  

The amber bottles I'm using are only 8 oz.  They're quite small so I start with only 1/2 cup of castile soap.

Castile Soap can be used for a lot of things.  I have yet to experiment, but word is you can use it to make dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo, rinse fruits and veggies, mop the floor, wash the dog, or as an all purpose cleaner.  It's very concentrated so this 32 ounce bottle of castile soap is going to last for quite a bit and chances are nobody is allergic.


Next you'll need to add 1 tbsp each of vegetable glycerine, almond oil, and vitamin E oil.  Just add it to the measuring cup with the castile soap.

You could definitely wash yourself without these products, but I add them as a moisturizer and to keep my skin soft.  I normally wouldn't buy a body wash at the store if it didn't keep my skin moist in some way so I figure why would I make one that didn't do the same thing.  These aren't the only products you could use, they're just products I chose and they seem to work for me.


Next add approximately 20 drops of your favorite essential oil or combination of oils.

This time I added Young Living's R.C. essential oil blend.  I'll be honest, it's not may favorite.  I did lavender last time and liked it much better, but I still don't feel like I've found my magic combo.  I chose R.C. oil this time because I typically shower in the morning and R.C. oil is supposed to help energize and motivate you.  I could use a little bit more of that each morning so I gave it a go.  

I feel like this is one of those areas that you just need to figure out what it is you need from your body wash and then decide on your essential oil accordingly.  I've heard of people using citrus essential oils and that it works well, but I've also heard that they eat plastic a bit more so I've steered away from them for that reason.  Maybe if you're brave enough to put a glass bottle in your shower, you could try it.

Pour the mixture into your bottle, close, and shake. If you're using an 8 oz. bottle, this won't fill it up.  Open and add water until you're close to the top and then close and give it another little shake.

Voila!  Homemade body wash that is good for your skin.   


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