5 Things That Happened This Week Because of Tyler's New Job

Probably not everyone knows that Tyler started a new job this past week.  He's kind of a devoted guy and leaving jobs for new ones doesn't exactly come easy for him, but sometimes life is coming at you 100 mph and you've got to figure out which of those life things get to pass you by and which ones are worth reaching out and grabbing.  We're thankful for the time he had at Ferguson, but he needed something different.

You might remember a post I made awhile back when all the things I stress about were weighing on me all on the same day.  It wasn't my best moment, but I was honest about where I was right then.  One of the things that weighed on me most that day was that Tyler works constantly.  Unfortunately the job he was doing was two jobs (at least) meshed into one and by the end of the day he was exhausted on so many levels and came home with nothing left to give (or very little) to his family.  It wasn't healthy for him or us and that was probably the biggest thing going into this job change.  

So some things happened this week that either have never happened or haven't happened in a really long time.

1. I actually got to see him before work and in the light of day (not just a quick hug while I'm half awake in a dark room as he heads out the door).  I could actually tell you what color shirt he was wearing when he left.  I keep thinking he's late for work, but he's not.

2.  The kids got to see him before leaving for work.  I don't know when this happened last, but it makes me happy that it can happen now.

3.  Every single person who lives in our house was home by 5pm on Monday.  The other days were filled with stuff, but it's cool to know that can and will happen.

4.  Tyler had time to build a lego car with Saida on Thursday night and Friday night.

5.  Tyler got to work with people who truly want him there.  He wasn't just some employee that could be replaced with another.  As his wife and someone who has been in love with him for basically 27 years (yes I realize I'm only 33, but it's true) that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy because I know how lucky they are.

These things are more important to me than any paycheck.  Yes money is necessary, but it can't buy these things and I'm excited for what our life looks like going forward.

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