pinterest fail

Pinterest Fail: Detangling Barbie Hair

Bottom line, those moms who’ve tried this successfully must be full of magic or BS.

So if you have a daughter or daughters, chances are you've looked detangling barbie hair up on Pinterest before.  These things get totally out of control and our barbie loving selves from another era really want to make this barbie hair look amazing again.  

Saida asked if we could fix Rapunzel's hair today and I was like sure thing.  We can make a blog post about it.  Of course when this was going through my head I was thinking we'd have super amazing results and every girl mom out there would be visiting this post because hair is important and barbie deserves good hair too.  


So anyway, here's how this really went down.

First of all I only looked through half the pinterst post initially so I was only prepared for the first half of the process.  


Also Rapunzel has a mark on her head that I was super sure a magic eraser would take off.  Those things really are magic so I didn't thing for a second it wouldn't work.  Guess what.  I didn't work.

We dipped Rapunzel's hair in a mixture of half fabric softener and half water as suggested and make the hair was good an saturated.  From there we brushed her hair to get all the "tangles" out. and I brushed and I brushed and I brushed and I brushed and I brushed..... for like 20 minutes y'all.  Maybe longer actually.  So at this point I'm like this is a total pinterst fail, but I'm just going to keep going because I've been brushing barbie hair for 20 minutes and I'll be damned if I'm throwing in the towel at this point.  


What if by some miracle this actually does end up working?  I'm not sure it matters because even though I'm committed at this point, I'm definitely not recommending this method to any other mom unless of course they've hurt one of my children at some point in life.

So this is where I thought we'd be done and then just let her hair dry and voila.  Nope.  Second half of the process required rinsing hair in a water/vinegar mixture to get the extra fabric softener out then combing the hair again using some sort of leave in conditioner.  Natural we chose our Monat Junior Detangler.  


It's looking better, but I wouldn't say it's looking good.  Bottom line, those moms who've tried this successfully must be full of magic or BS.  On the up side, Rapunzel smells amazing now.  


Just buy a new barbie y'all.  

P.S. The Monat Junior Line is a much bigger hit on my kids hair than their barbies.