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Slique In 60 Challenge


You know that meme you see sometimes that says I wish I was as skinny as I was back when I just thought I was fat? I went ahead and put one together over there. That’s my new goal weight loss/get healthy goal. I posting about it now as a may of hopefully making myself more accountable.

But for real, I’m about 20 pounds heavier than I was before having kids and I feel uncomfortable in most of my clothes even if they fit and I just don’t really want to go into summer that way. I’ve been doing yoga for over a year and I’ve seen an improvement in my muscle tone, but the bottom line is there is still fat on top of it that I just don’t appreciate. I’ve got what seems like a permanently stress fractured left foot and I guess if I want to lose fat, I’m going to need to do it in the kitchen.

So the Slique in 60 Challenge is obviously a 60 day challenge using the Slique line of products from Young Living. I went with the Slique Complete Collection for a couple reasons. One is I’d really like to do this right and I figure if I’m using all fo the products from the Complete bundle then I don’t really have time to eat junk. The other reason is it totally made sense with my Essential Rewards order. I received over $150 worth of free items I’ll actually use and would have bought at some point and banked about 60 points to use later in a quick order. So basically I got about half of what I spent back in free product or credit for later. Had I purchased a lesser collection, I would have gotten one thing that I could have bought myself for less than $10 and less credit so it just seemed to make the most sense when I did the math.

Honestly I jumped into this with not a ton of information. I figured it wasn’t going to hurt and basically all I had to lose was weight and inches. I plan on coming back here at the end of the 60 days to share how it’s all gone and give more information, but still plan to share this journey as it happens through my Homegirl Blog Instagram Page (@monicabrownblog). I’m guessing mostly in the stories. Feel free to follow along and I’ll see you back here in 60.

Anything that says Slique is what I paid for. Everything else was free. FREE STUFF: Theives Foaming Hand Soap, Thieves Cleaner, Thieves Dish Soap, Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak, Microfiber Towels, Orange Vitality, Tea Tree (because it was my 9th ER order), Thieves Oil, Kunzea.

Anything that says Slique is what I paid for. Everything else was free. FREE STUFF: Theives Foaming Hand Soap, Thieves Cleaner, Thieves Dish Soap, Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak, Microfiber Towels, Orange Vitality, Tea Tree (because it was my 9th ER order), Thieves Oil, Kunzea.

Post Vacation Monday

I have a few choice words for post vacation Monday.  Usually I'm all like Yay Monday! Lets make this week awesome, but today I'd like to take Monday out to the parking lot.

Problem #1:  We're out of milk.  I've let us run out of milk one other time since Saida became a milk monster and last night was the second time.  The problem is her milk was already poured and in her cup for this morning and she completely drained it before I made my coffee.  I'm not a fan of black coffee.

Problem #2:  Before I could even take one drink of my freshly brewed black coffee, Corbin informs me that the dog just peed on the carpet in my bedroom.  Seriously?  He had been outside for at least a couple hours before I let him in less than 5 minutes before this happened.  

So I'm currently surviving Monday morning on black coffee and Young Living's Stress Away Essential Oil Blend while looking at our freshly painted walls because for some reason we thought it would be fun to spend all of yesterday painting our main living space with kids in attendance.  

Problem #3: I'm tired as hell and my body is like No.

So here's to hoping Tuesday starts out with properly prepared coffee and dry carpet.

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Tamed Whimsy.... Sorta

Being a mom and being married to one of the most grounded dudes in all of Texas means my whimsical soul has pretty much been tamed and that's in some ways probably a good thing.  So basically because we're too conservative (*cough, cough* cheap) we're probably never going to be that family that's like "Hey, you want to pack up our stuff and head to (insert super awesome vacation spot here) this weekend?"

Like never.  That will never be us.  

I remember once when I was young (I suck at remembering how long ago things actually were so don't ask my age because I could have been 6 or 12 and I just don't remember) we got home on the last day of school for the year and my parents did that.  We packed up some beach clothes, they made a reservation, and we got in the car and drove.  That was probably the coolest I ever thought my parents were at age 6 or 12 or somewhere in between.  

This weekend when half the family was suffering from some sort of virus (myself included) I felt whimsical.  I definitely wasn't booking a vacation or anything like that, but I was sitting in my house thinking we need color and texture, but not too much color because that doesn't work with my aesthetic and since we're all sick I think we need that Theives line from Young Living like sometime last week and obviously I needed all of the things and myself in all my whimscal glory basically needed it all right now.  This is where my husband shakes his head and is like what does it matter if your handsoap is non toxic if you're still using that dish soap.  He thinks he's stopping me, but at this point it's basically a done deal and now I'm considering adding the Theives Dish Soap to the cart too.  Honestly this would all be cheaper with less criticism.  Just sayin'. 

And about that color and texture, I needed plants.  Real ones.  My thumb is as black as they come, but I was tired of looking at all the cheap fake plants in my house and we're all sick and we need something to help with the quality of air in our house.  So yesterday I went to Ikea because 20% Off planters and it fits the aesthetic and because sometimes you just need and excuse to drive the 40 minutes to Ikea.  I don't really need a reason.  I guarantee you I'll find my reason somewhere between the fake display apartments and the pot and plants section.  I may not know I need it, but it's definitely there.  

The plants are here, I should probably go water them.  Young Living is a thing for us now, but the products haven't actually arrived yet.  I'd like to think my whimsy is putting us all on the right track for better health.  Whimsy for good.  Whimsy for health.  No regrets.