What Families are Saying…

I love getting that first email back after sending off a gallery. Knowing what I do has brought someone so much joy and beautiful emotion is why I do what I do in the first place. Here’s a sampling of those first emails back from recent sessions (or Facebook comments).


McKenzie Family

Thank you soooooo much!!!!!

I wanted to wait until I could sit with Tanner and go through them to email you. We LOVE them so so much. I don’t even think we realized how big of a ham that little one is until flipping through them. The photos are gorgeous and I get a new favorite each time I go through them. 

We love your work!!

weaver family

Monica! These are seriously gorgeous! You must have known this is what my heart needed yesterday because I went back to work. I cannot thank you enough for your time and the first images I have of my daughter; these will seriously be treasured. Thank you thank you thank you a million times over!



bazan family

Monica - I’m in love with these photos. You managed to capture what I envisioned these pictures to be. What I love the most is that I can feel the love and warmth!

scott Family

There are no words to express the amount of joy I feel when I look at our family pictures. You are amazing, talented, and down right sweet. I will treasure our session for the rest of my life. Can’t wait for our next shoot!!