Slique In 60 Challenge


You know that meme you see sometimes that says I wish I was as skinny as I was back when I just thought I was fat? I went ahead and put one together over there. That’s my new goal weight loss/get healthy goal. I posting about it now as a may of hopefully making myself more accountable.

But for real, I’m about 20 pounds heavier than I was before having kids and I feel uncomfortable in most of my clothes even if they fit and I just don’t really want to go into summer that way. I’ve been doing yoga for over a year and I’ve seen an improvement in my muscle tone, but the bottom line is there is still fat on top of it that I just don’t appreciate. I’ve got what seems like a permanently stress fractured left foot and I guess if I want to lose fat, I’m going to need to do it in the kitchen.

So the Slique in 60 Challenge is obviously a 60 day challenge using the Slique line of products from Young Living. I went with the Slique Complete Collection for a couple reasons. One is I’d really like to do this right and I figure if I’m using all fo the products from the Complete bundle then I don’t really have time to eat junk. The other reason is it totally made sense with my Essential Rewards order. I received over $150 worth of free items I’ll actually use and would have bought at some point and banked about 60 points to use later in a quick order. So basically I got about half of what I spent back in free product or credit for later. Had I purchased a lesser collection, I would have gotten one thing that I could have bought myself for less than $10 and less credit so it just seemed to make the most sense when I did the math.

Honestly I jumped into this with not a ton of information. I figured it wasn’t going to hurt and basically all I had to lose was weight and inches. I plan on coming back here at the end of the 60 days to share how it’s all gone and give more information, but still plan to share this journey as it happens through my Homegirl Blog Instagram Page (@monicabrownblog). I’m guessing mostly in the stories. Feel free to follow along and I’ll see you back here in 60.

Anything that says Slique is what I paid for. Everything else was free. FREE STUFF: Theives Foaming Hand Soap, Thieves Cleaner, Thieves Dish Soap, Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak, Microfiber Towels, Orange Vitality, Tea Tree (because it was my 9th ER order), Thieves Oil, Kunzea.

Anything that says Slique is what I paid for. Everything else was free. FREE STUFF: Theives Foaming Hand Soap, Thieves Cleaner, Thieves Dish Soap, Thieves Fruit and Veggie Soak, Microfiber Towels, Orange Vitality, Tea Tree (because it was my 9th ER order), Thieves Oil, Kunzea.

Postpartum Hair Loss and Monat

Postpartum hair loss is a real thing.

It takes a little bit (like 3 months ish), but eventually those hormones hit this point where it’s like “you didn’t need that hair, did you?” and it just starts coming out in what seems like chunks. My whole back side would be covered in hair in the shower and then there is that weird grow out phase where you just feel like your hair looks ridiculous all the time.


And apparently it doesn’t all come back on it’s own either.

I didn’t realize this until I started using Monat and here we are one year later and my widows peak is finally filling in with hair I forgot I used to have.

My youngest will be three in just a few months. This round of new growth or regrowth is 100% made possible by Monat.

But you’ve heard Monat causes hair loss, right? All I can say to that is that mine is growing and filling in and is healthier, stronger, and shinier than it’s ever been and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone and especially new moms battling that postpartum hair loss.

Which products are right for you?

Disclaimer: I’m not a hair professional. I’m just a girl who loves her hair and the real results I’ve seen in my own hair since starting Monat.

101 Uses for Monat's Rejuveniqe Oil (Including Mosquito Bites)

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.52.37 PM.png

If you’ve spent any time in Texas lately, you’ve probably been bit by a mosquito or two or twelve. Like everything else, they’re bigger in Texas and I have an ankle that’s sporting about 4 mosquito bites currently. It’s agonizing. I couldn’t sleep because nothing and I mean NOTHING stops the itching.

I’d finally had enough the other day and decided to give my Rejuveniqe Oil by Monat a try. Worst case scenario it doesn’t work and my ankle is at least thoroughly moisturized. I put a few drops in my hand, spent about 30 seconds rubbing it into my ankle and…… INSTANT ITCH RELIEF!!!!! Hallelujah!!! And it lasted. It wasn’t just relief for a couple minutes. I literally didn’t itch my ankle the entire rest of the day. Is there anything this stuff doesn’t do? It’s liquid gold.

Most often I use the Rejuveniqe Oil in my hair and on my face as a moisturizer when I don’t need to use my stuff with SPF. Turns out you can use it for far more than that though. After figuring out the mosquito bite itch relief thing, I knew I needed to share it and also start figuring out what other magic this stuff works. Monat actually has a three pager with 101 uses for Rejuveniqe Oil I’d like to share with you.

Maybe I also need to try number 27. New moms go check out number 54. Definitely keeping this in mind for the inevitable number 91.

Things I've Learned About Myself & Why Yoga Is My Exercise of Choice

Things i’ve learned about myself & why yoga is my exercise of choice.png

The last two years I've learned a lot about myself.  I'm not necessarily a different person than I was prior to these last two years, but I've paid more attention and in doing so I'm making decisions that are more me instead of me trying to do what I think it is I'm supposed to do.  This doesn't mean my everyday is perfect now or anything like that, but it means I get to enjoy the things I love to do more often.  Life is still life and shit still happens.  

So things I've learned about myself in the last two years (since quitting my traditional job) are...

1. I'm an introvert.  I enjoy people, but generally in smaller groups and then I need my me time.  Basically there is no way in hell I'm working the crowd at a party.  

2. As much as I love light and airy, I love a little moodiness and subdued colors and things even more.  In other words, I stopped trying to be the light and airy photographer because who am I kidding?  And now I see these things creeping into my style in all aspects of life.

3. I love, and I mean really love, quite and calm.  

4. I'm a sensory kind of gal.  I love smelling things that remind me of good memories and diffusing scents that make me happy/calm.  I love music that fits my vibe which is generally pretty chill, but occasionally something with more energy or sadness when the mood hits.  My comfort foods truly give me comfort (that's probably bad) and can bring a sense of all is right in the world.

And you probably read the title and you're wondering how in the world this has to do with yoga.  I've never really been able to stick to any regular exercise routine in my adult life.  We tried doing P90X once or twice and would find an excuse to not continue after a certain point, running was okay but I really wasn't motivated to do it, and Camp Gladiator was an awesome workout but just didn't feel like me.  I joined the YMCA in January and knew the classes were going to be my thing.  I kind of want someone else to tell me what to do, but I don't want to hire a personal trainer and really be one on one.  The classes I tried were Body Pump, CXWORX, Pilates, and Yoga.

Body Pump and CXWORX - I'm putting these into the same category because I always did them together and they were kind of meant to be that way it seemed.  The room was huge, very brightly lit, the instructor has a ton of energy and wore a mircrophone.  It was loud in there and I found the energy, though fun, to be very overwhelming for me (sensory girl who like calm).  It's just not my thing.  It goes against all the things I've learned about myself over the last two years.  I wish I was that person, but I'm just not.  I get enough chaos at home that I just don't need it at the gym too.  Some people thrive on that though and that's awesome for them.

Pilates - I like it just fine.  No complaints really.  I just like yoga more.

Yoga - First of all let's state the obvious. The lights are low, the music is chill, nobody is yelling, my shoes get to be off, we shavasana at the end of class, and I can close my eyes while I work out if I want to.  Do you see how based on what I said up there, is fits me perfectly?  Paying more attention to who I am allowed me to just forget all that other stuff that would probably get me buff a lot faster if I stuck with it and find something that I actually want to stick with.  It feeds my soul and my body and it's just whatever I need it to be on that day.  Sometimes it's just a workout and me challenging myself into the poses.  Sometimes it's my body really needing to release stress. Sometimes it's just the only thing in my whole day that's about me and I just needed that.  

Is it for everyone?  No.  That's not the point.  The point is being honest with myself led me to a workout that I love to show up for.  I'm 6 months in, which is longer than anything else I've ever tried to stick with and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.  My yoga pants have actually been to yoga y'all. 

{Disclaimer} Also just so everyone knows, I'm not good at yoga yet.  I'm improving though and getting much stronger from doing it.  My shoulders and shrugs are looking pretty sweet and my mom belly is slowly (like very slowly) going away.  My legs are stronger, but I'm probably the only one who really notices that one at this point.