Monat's Naturally Based Anti Aging Skincare Line

Monat just announced botanically and naturally based anti aging skincare. In the skincare world as we know it, those words don’t even all belong in the same sentence. You can either have naturally based or anti aging, but both… that just doesn’t happen…. until now.

And we sold $4 million worth in the first 36 hours it was available.

Monat is revolutionizing yet another industry with it’s wild idea that you can have naturally based products that actually work. And I’m going to let you in on a little secret, it’s actually working better than the #1 Skincare line (chemically based) in all of North America. I imagine we’ll hold that title within a few years, but without the chemicals. Just give it a minute to catch on.

Monat launched 2 clinically proven, dermatologist and ophthamologist approved anti aging routines to accommodate the most common skin types. They’re also botanically and naturally based, vegan, and cruelty free (insert mind blown emoji here). We have the Be Gentle Routine for sensitive and or dry skin and our Be Balanced Routine for normal/combination skin. Each routine comes with it’s own specific cleanser and moisturizer along with our Skin Revitalizing Essense and the Rewind Age Control Nectar. The Skin Revitalizing Essense is used in place of a toner, but it’s a water (but like water from the fountain of youth;). Basically is toner 2.0 and it’s simply patted onto the skin with your hands and not applied with a cotton ball (because that’s wasteful on so many levels). The Rewind Age Control Nectar is a serum that takes on uneven skin tone, loss of elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, and transforms a dull-looking complexion for an instantly smoother and ageless version of you.

Sound too good to be true?

  • In clinical and perception tests the rewind age control serum was proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines in just 7 days.

  • 96% noticed tighter, smoother, healthier, more restored skin in 7 days.

  • 96% had improvement in skin smoothness after 7 days.

  • 87% had improvement in skin elasticity in 7 days.

  • 80% said skin immediately looks more youthful, brighter, and more radiant

Those numbers are insane, but they’re basically what the clinical and perception studies produced for all products in this line. This is truly the skincare line you’ve been looking for.

In addition to these 2 routines, Monat also released Eye Smooth and the Berry Refined Scrub.

these two products are sure to take your skincare routine to the next level and if you’ve been paying any attention at all, eye smooth has pretty much been single handedly changing people’s lives / under eyes on the daily since mid september.

Eye Smooth Targets…

  • Fine lines and wrinkles around eyes

  • Dark Circles

  • Puffiness, under-eye bags, and crow’s feet around the eye area

  • Dryness

A staggering 96% said the saw tighter skin and reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine lines, and under-eye bags in just 28 days although most started experiencing these changes much sooner.

This scrub is an exfoliator and masque in one and targets dullness, uneven skin tone and texture, and large prominent pores. Use is as a scrub or leave it on for a 5 minutes or so for it to double as a masque. Scrub gently though because this isn’t made with perfectly round tiny plastic microbeads that are bad for the environment. We use cranberry seeds instead.

  • 96% noticed skin instantly looked fresher and more radiant

  • 96% said skin immediately felt softer and smoother

  • 82% noticed skin visibly looker clearer and brighter

  • 88% said pores looked more refined after one use

  • Proven 24 Hours of Hydration

  • Clinicals show 81% showed improvement in skin’s texture after one use

My Results in Just 7 Days

I’ve been using the Be Balanced Routine along with the Eye Smooth and Berry Refined Scrub for a week and a half now and so far I’m impressed. The results I’ve seen in just one week are better than the results I saw in almost 2 years of using the #1 Skincare line in North America (the chemically one that your friend probably sells that I mentioned before). In that time I’m brighter, my skin tone is more even and moisturized, my pore appear smaller, and I feel much smoother. I kind of even look like I’ve slept sometime over the last 7 years (I asuure you I haven’t) which is pretty cool too. See my 7 day before and after below.


I’d suggest grabbing a sample of the skincare from the link below because the sample itself is free and you just pay shipping, but it makes more sense just to put that shipping cost towards your new skincare line and try it for 30 days instead of just 1 time. If you don’t love it on the morning of the 30th day, we call customer service and we send it back. You get all of your money back. And our customer service department is amazing. They truly want everyone’s experience to be a great one and the work their little tails off for it. So just order it. But just in case you get all warm and fuzzy using samples…

What else you need to know about monat’s skincare line and how to get it

There’s NO SPF! Okay I know that’s not what you’re used to seeing, but let me explain because there is a great reason for everything Monat does. SPF should be applied last and separately from all other steps of your skincare routine. Everything Monat has created for us is intended to go deep down into the skin and nourish/heal. That’s exactly what you want it to do. SPF is intended to act as a barrier between your skin and harmful UV rays. You simply can’t combine anti aging goodness and SPF together into one product and expect either thing to be able to do the job you need it to do. You just can’t. Hopefully Monat will come up with a kick ass way to make an awesome naturally based SPF, but until then you’ll just have to use an SPF not made by Monat.

In what order do I use all the things? My morning routine is Be Balanced Foamy Cleanser, Skin Revitalizing Essense, Eye Smooth, Be Balanced Moisturizer. My evening routine is Be Balanced Foamy Cleanser, Skin Revitalizing Essense, Rewind Age Control Nectar, Be Balanced Moisturizer. When it’s time for the Berry Refined Scrub (1-2 times a week), I use it immediate after cleansing and before the Skin Revitalizing Essense.

Can I use the Rewind Age Control Nectar as part of my morining routine? The short answer is no because it’s got so much vitamin C that it’ll make you a bit photosensitive. However if you are a person that uses a retinoid at night, then you would use this in the morning. Just make sure you are using go sun protection and definitely always consult with your dermatologist if you are prescribed a retinoid.

When should you start using an anti aging skincare line? When you want to start keeping the skin you’re in so like your 20s. That doesn’t me it too late for us other folk, it just means we have more of an up hill battle to loving the skin we’re in.

Can pregnant people use this skincare line? I’m going to default to always talk to you doctor about what you’re using when pregnant. That being said, you should be able to use the line in it’s entirety while pregnant as there are no known adverse effects to using while pregnant (the other chemically brand can’t say that).

How do you become a VIP and what does that mean? A VIP pays a one time enrollment fee of $19.99 and is a VIP for life once they complete their initial order and 2 flexships. VIP Perks include 15% off retail, free shipping on flexship orders of $84 or more, a free Only for You product valued at $25 in each flexship, access to flash sales, a $25 birthday coupon to use in your birthday month, and eligibility to participate in the refer a friend program (where you and your friend each get $20 towards a future order when they become a VIP with your unique link). Learn more about becoming a VIP by clicking the botton below.

You can also buy as a retail customer or as a Market Partner. Every type of customer can take advantage of our Purchase + discount everyday. The more you spend the more you save. This discount is on top of the VIP or MP discount, but can also be used by retail customers. It’s like a flash sale 24/7.

Take the Beauty Quiz to find your perfect hair or skin routine…

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As Seen in Issue 11 of the Magnolia Journal


Issue No. 11 of the Magnolia Journal surrounds the idea of Freedom and inspires you to celebrate freedom in a number of ways. Maybe you celebrate freedom by choosing a path for you instead of what was expected, maybe it’s letting go of comforts to allow room for growth, maybe it’s packing out your kids into the car and living life on the road, or maybe it’s simply running through the grass barefoot on a summer day with literally nothing else to do. There’s even a summer bucket list that will inspire you to make this the best summer ever and live like you’re a kid again. If this sounds like your jam or you just want some of the grilled flatbread recipes (because they look freaking delicious and easy to make), go get it. If you just want to find a few Joanna Gaines approved items you can buy online, well then, I can help you with that. Just keep scrolling.

Backpack by Walker Family Goods

There’s an entire article about the Walker Family in this issue. They sound kind of amazing and I want to be them for like a week (likely I’d change my mind after 1 day in the car with my kids). Plus I’m just loving the vintage vibe of this bag.

Chemical Free Sunscreen

Look, I use the bad stuff on my kids too because it works. I’m trying to do better though and this one caught my eye.

Coconut Milk Roll On Perfume

There’s a seaweed + sea salt one I really want to try. I haven’t used perfume in years, but this makes me want to try.

But seriously, this issue has me saying all the yeses and I’m really anxious to try the spinach + artichoke flatbread and the tomato + basil flatbread. There’s even a recipe for chimichurri with avocado that sounds amazing too and since our outdoor kitchen is finally up and running, you can bet we might just be trying that one very soon with whatever steak I can get Tyler to cook. I don’t grill so if you know what an appropriate cut of mean for a chimichurri is, feel free to share.

So yeah, if you’re asking my opinion, I’d totally recommend issue no. 11 of the Magnolia Journal.


Postpartum Hair Loss and Monat

Postpartum hair loss is a real thing.

It takes a little bit (like 3 months ish), but eventually those hormones hit this point where it’s like “you didn’t need that hair, did you?” and it just starts coming out in what seems like chunks. My whole back side would be covered in hair in the shower and then there is that weird grow out phase where you just feel like your hair looks ridiculous all the time.


And apparently it doesn’t all come back on it’s own either.

I didn’t realize this until I started using Monat and here we are one year later and my widows peak is finally filling in with hair I forgot I used to have.

My youngest will be three in just a few months. This round of new growth or regrowth is 100% made possible by Monat.

But you’ve heard Monat causes hair loss, right? All I can say to that is that mine is growing and filling in and is healthier, stronger, and shinier than it’s ever been and I’d absolutely recommend it to anyone and especially new moms battling that postpartum hair loss.

Which products are right for you?

Disclaimer: I’m not a hair professional. I’m just a girl who loves her hair and the real results I’ve seen in my own hair since starting Monat.

101 Uses for Monat's Rejuveniqe Oil (Including Mosquito Bites)

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 12.52.37 PM.png

If you’ve spent any time in Texas lately, you’ve probably been bit by a mosquito or two or twelve. Like everything else, they’re bigger in Texas and I have an ankle that’s sporting about 4 mosquito bites currently. It’s agonizing. I couldn’t sleep because nothing and I mean NOTHING stops the itching.

I’d finally had enough the other day and decided to give my Rejuveniqe Oil by Monat a try. Worst case scenario it doesn’t work and my ankle is at least thoroughly moisturized. I put a few drops in my hand, spent about 30 seconds rubbing it into my ankle and…… INSTANT ITCH RELIEF!!!!! Hallelujah!!! And it lasted. It wasn’t just relief for a couple minutes. I literally didn’t itch my ankle the entire rest of the day. Is there anything this stuff doesn’t do? It’s liquid gold.

Most often I use the Rejuveniqe Oil in my hair and on my face as a moisturizer when I don’t need to use my stuff with SPF. Turns out you can use it for far more than that though. After figuring out the mosquito bite itch relief thing, I knew I needed to share it and also start figuring out what other magic this stuff works. Monat actually has a three pager with 101 uses for Rejuveniqe Oil I’d like to share with you.

Maybe I also need to try number 27. New moms go check out number 54. Definitely keeping this in mind for the inevitable number 91.

Yes I Love Monat and I Sell It

So a friend of mine just told me she didn't know I was selling Monat Hair Products.  Y'all this means I really really suck at sharing and that I've been letting all the other life stuff get in the way of telling people about these products that I've come to love over the last 10 months or so.  And I really do love them.  Like a lot.  I make the whole family use them and I especially love what it does for my daughter's wild hair.

The Monat Junior Line 

She's like me in that her hair is her pride and joy.  We're not allowed to cut it except for just a tiny bit and she loves to leave it down which means it's always a straight up nightmare to brush out.  I will tell you though, the post bathtime brushing, which used to be the low point of my day, is now so easy.  Most of the time that brush just glides right through her hair.  Also I'm going to be real, her hair gets me the most likes on Instagram.  People love it.  The Monat Junior Line may have save our relationship and my willingness to let her keep her long hair.



How I use Monat

I'm pretty basic with my haircare or try to be.  I don't always go all out fixing it, but Monat makes it easier for me to low maintenance.  When you're giving your hair what it needs, turns out it's actually a lot easier to style it.  Who knew?  My flat iron only comes out on rare occasions becaue it's just not necessary anymore to tame my hair.  I quick blow dry is generally all I need and then that usually lasts at least two days so at most I'm washing/styling every other day and sometimes longer in between.  For the most part I'm a shampoo and conditioner kind of girl, but I do use the Replenish Masque once a week or once every other week, the Rejuvabeads to stretch out my haircuts a little while I try to grow it out some, and the Rejuveniqe Intensive Oil.  

I have a whole blog post on My Monat Favorites so if you want to learn more about some of these products and what they do for me, please go check it out.


So what is diffent about my hair since starting Monat?

I honestly thought my hair was healthy before Monat.  It was I guess, but with Monat it's even healthier.  It's shiny and easier to manage.  It's growing in length and also so much of that hair I lost after childbirth is actually coming back.  I can go longer in between washes and it doesn't get gross so quick.  I look forward to washing my hair instead of dreading the process.  It smells wonderful and feels so good.


Okay so more about Monat.  What is it?  It's a naturally based haircare line that has the ability to penetrate all three layers of your hair and heal it from the inside out.  You could call it healthcare for your hair.  I've watched them grow rapidly over the last year and the product line is growing.  No matter what your hair needs, there is something for you.  Not sure what you need?  Take the Hair Quiz to find your perfect products based on your hair type and needs.


You may also enjoy reading my post about Monat haters and how they are right, but oh so wrong.  This is one of my most popular posts to date.

My Top 4 Monat Favorites

It's my first time to talk about Monat on the blog so let me start by saying that I started using these products back in October after being introduced to them by a friend.  So I've been using them for about 9 months.  At the time I really didn't know what Monat was about, but from what little I'd seen I thought it was just another product one of my friends was going to try to sell me.  Annoying, right? 

One little sample later I knew there was no way in hell I was going back to my old shampoo.  I was angry for a minute because now my hair products were going to start costing me a furtune (or at least I thought so), but I had already drank the Monat koolaid and was hooked.  My hair was already healthy (or so I thought), but I could tell an immediate difference in how easy it was to style and overall it just looked extra shiny and full of life.  

Does it actually cost me more though?  No, it doesn't.  My first bottle of shampoo lasted me 5 months.  5 MONTHS!!!  Incredible.  

So what is Monat?  It's basically a health care line for your hair.  These naturally based products have the ability to penetrate the hair all the way down to the core (medulla) and heal your hair from the inside out by putting all those good amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils back into your hair.  No wonder even my previously healthy hair feels better now than it did a year ago.

My Monat Favorites: Revive Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, Replenish Masque, and Rejuvabeads

My Monat Favorites: Revive Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, Replenish Masque, and Rejuvabeads

So let's talk about my favorites and why they are my favorites.  They're all in that line up above.


Revive Shampoo / Revitalize Conditioner

Like I said, overall my hair was/is healthy.  I have fine hair, but I have a lot of it and the last thing I need is something to weigh it down.  Both of these products are from the volume line.  The shampoo smells so good.  It's not overbearing.  It's just the perfect amount of fragrance.  

My hair blow dries so easily and I rarely need to use a straightener anymore after blow drying.  I still do occasionally, if I'm going for more of a super straight look.

These two products definitely changed my haircare life and are staples in my shower.

Replenish Masque

I use this maybe once every week or sometime I just don't think about it and I'll use it once every two weeks.  When I do though, it's like heaven.  As if my hair wasn't soft and shiny enough after using my shampoo and conditioner, on masque days my hair color even looks better on top of the soft and shiny.  This is definitely responsible for all my best hair days.  


Rejuvabeads (Split End Mender)


I've kept my hair pretty short for the last couple years.  That means haircuts every 8 weeks and split ends weren't really something I dealt with.  Recently I decided I'd like to grow it out a little which means I'm going longer in between cuts and split ends are actually happening especially now that I'm beyond the 8 week mark, but not quite to that next haircut.  This is definitely saving me.  Similar to the masque, I feel like this actually makes my color look better and of course my hair is visibly smoother at the ends when I use it.  It's basically a miracle in a tube that I use after every few washes.  


or email me at my Monat email address: